FriXion Gel Pen by Pilot

FriXion Gel Pen by Pilot
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A gel ink pen that is erasable and/or iron away. The gel ink is temperature sensitive so the ink disappears when touched by an iron. A terrific way to mark our projects. Works well on natural fibers. Not recommended for dark fabrics. The ink will re-appear if placed in the freezer (temps under 32 degrees). In most instances this is not an issue for the majority of our projects. But remember, if it does reappear because you put it in the freezer - just heat it up again. And - always test on your fabric swatch first.


Frixion Gel Pen 8 pack
Frixion Gel Pen 8 pack
2 per pack. Refills for Frixion Gel Pen with cap or click. Please specify what color in the comment box. Blue or Black
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