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click here to see the items:-- bees- yellow jackets- space ships- strobes- smoke- tanks- pop its- cool sky lanterns- crackling balls- jumping jacks- ground bloom flowers- parachutes- roman candles- morning glory sparklers 36" long- RED wire sparklers- neon sparklers- 96 shot color pearls- 100 shot barrage- 36 shot happy- garden in spring- saturns 25 shot, 100 shot, 300 shot, 750 shot-- fireworks fiesta cake- aerial double decker- warp speed- rainbow warp- thunder dome- jail break- hot stuff- redneck party- heart stopper- bad to the bone- blued and tatooed- sidewinder- titanium storm- rainbow fountain- great barrier reef fountain asst- mortars: black cat 6 shot artillery, $9.50- derringer- festival balls- black mamba, 20 shot cannister shell, $43.95- mr happy- pack assortments available also. established since 1983. best prices and products as usual. can't wait to see ya!